The Animal Years Vinyl LP + Bonus Acoustic CD


Like Golden Age Of Radio and Hello Starling, The Animal Years has been drastically improved. The updated version of the VINYL now include a BONUS disc, featuring Josh performing the ENTIRE ALBUM solo acoustic, plus four studio b-sides, and two videos. The acoustic album was recorded for this re-issue in 2008, and these recordings have not been previously released.
The LP version of The Animal Years includes the bonus CD in a full-color sleeve, inside the LP. The Hello Starling re-issue was packaged the same way.

LP Track Listing:

Girl In The War
Monster Ballads
Lillian, Egypt
In The Dark
One More Mouth
Good Man
Best For The Best
Thin Blue Flame
Here At The Right Time

CD Track Listing:

Girl In The War (Solo Acoustic)
Wolves (Solo Acoustic)
Monster Ballads (Solo Acoustic)
Lillian, Egypt (Solo Acoustic)
Idaho (Solo Acoustic)
In The Dark (Solo Acoustic)
One More Mouth (Solo Acoustic)
Good Man (Solo Acoustic)
Best For The Best (Solo Acoustic)
Thin Blue Flame (Solo Acoustic)
Here At The Right Time (Solo Acoustic)
Blame It On The Tetons
Peter Killed The Dragon
Monster Ballads (Early Version)