Self Titled Vinyl LP


Josh Ritter's debut album is available on vinyl for the very first time! A heavyweight (180 gram), multi-colored beauty, that has been newly mastered for vinyl (and also includes a download album code).

"This album was recorded during my senior year at Oberlin College. We worked in a tiny studio on campus, drank beer that I had just turned old enough to buy legally and began taking the first steps along the road I still walk today... I'm still very proud of these songs and I hope you enjoy them." - Josh Ritter

Track Listing:
Side A:
1. Leaves and Kings
2. Beautiful Night
3. Hotel Song
4. Paint Your Picture
5. Angels on Her Shoulders
6. Morning is a Long Way Down
7. Potters Wheel
Side B:
1. Letter From Omaha
2. Last Ditch Effort (see you try)
3. Paths Will Cross
4. Pretty Polly
5. Horrible Qualities
6. Stuck To You